Who We Are:

H&R Print and Imaging has been printing and marketing for the Belleville, Quinte, and Hastings County region for over 40 years and ready for the changing years to come.

Owner / Director of Sales Operations


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Dan loves a good coffee and a creative challenge. From his experience in sales he learned that in print, his knowledge was power for his customers. The more he knew about the print industry the better print solutions he could provide. That simple drive built H&R Print and Imaging into the top print provider in Belleville for businesses, non-profits, agricultural producers and local industry.

Design and Print Operations Manager

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Eva has faith next season will belong to the Leafs.

Eva runs the place. She knows the office, the customers and how to keep Dan in line. She’s a wiz with the software and all the design options available.

Customer Relations / Content Administrator

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Just what does Andrew do around here? Push buttons all day? Smile and talk to people? Andrew’s our in-store writer and social media coordinator. He may look lost in thought once in a while, but he’s just finding those unique solutions that catch people’s attention. He can make your web presence work a little harder for you and spin out a story to draw in your best customers.

Why Print Works:

People behave very differently when they read print media and when they read digital media.

Print connects with the reader visually and physically. Readers of print tend to be more relaxed and engaged, rather than clicking or rolling through to the next stimulating image.

Print doesn’t have to interrupt or confuse a reader to get attention. You don’t need to plug in a device to get your message across. Instead, print presents the benefits it has to offer and pleases the reader with a versatile and manageable medium.

Put simply, print solves certain problems that digital can’t solve. And print does it with less complication, less cost, all while generating better returns.

There are opportunities in digital media when used correctly. Today’s audience demands engagement on all levels of communication. That means coming up with a plan based on good research about your target audience. We focus and tailor your investments so your ideal customers see your message and engage with what you have to say.

How We Add Value:

We stick to the foundations of good marketing, good design and quality print products.

Advertising works best when your target market sees it and engages with it. The first thing we do is begin with your ideal customers. What’s important to them? And where will they see your message? We take the utmost care in making your colours consistent and your message clear so your customers develop trust in your brand. Then we put it all together with print and digital material your audience will actually look at, engage in and think about.

We believe everything we do for our clients is an investment into their success. We add value with our focus and determination to grow returns on that investment.

When put together, print and digital, website building and SEO work together by expanding your reach and engaging your target audience. Call today and we’ll get the best solutions from both working for you.

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